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We are a supplier of speciality ingredients for the personal care and cosmetic industries. We take pride in providing quality products to meet both formulators and consumer needs.

Our team of experienced professionals work together to offer the best ingredients to you with a strong understanding in personal care and cosmetic products. Our product line is vast, from emulsifiers to powders, proteins to complex actives, oils to enzymes and more, you can address us as the one-stop shop! We always focus on expanding our clientele by maintaining long-term relationships and diversified product line to stay available and accessible to all our customers. We work closely with our manufactures to ensure that ingredients are ethically and responsibly made with utmost care towards the mother nature and humans.

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We are built on our core values.

Quality: Quality is our prime target to maintain, and we have come a long way in that journey. Of course, we like to be one of the top producers but by never compromising on our quality of ingredients. We go across the world to bring the finest of natural raw materials. Constant quality checks at each stage of making are our secret of bringing the best. We abide by the industry standards and strive to reach the expectations of our clients. Nevertheless, quality is a long-term commitment, and we never give up on our commitment to be safe and reliable.

Innovation: With our strong team of Research and Development, we keep pushing our boundaries to provide best of ingredients for cosmetic and personal care industries.

Ethics: We are very aware of the environmental consequences that we are facing through our actions. We are contributing our part to the nature by strictly sourcing raw materials naturally along with the social responsibilities we swear by. Our aim to promote a sustainability inside and outside our community. So, from manufacturing to packaging, we save it all by reducing the waste.


We are here with a dream, a dream of becoming a trusted and reliable partner to our clients. Our goal is to be that first thought of our clients when they think about personal care and cosmetic ingredient supplier. We work harder and smarter together to achieve that goal of being your first choice. We are always trying to be a step ahead of industry trends in developing new and innovative ingredients that help cosmetic industries. Our collaborative work environment and supportive partnerships with suppliers, makes us strongly believe that it fosters creativity, excellence, and innovation. Therefore, our mission is to create ingredients that make a positive difference in all our day to day lives.

We are on a mission to be a part of your daily lives and protecting the planet