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Whether you're a novice or an expert, ignite your creativity with our diverse selection of small-sized cosmetics ingredients, ranging from 50g to 5kg.
Unleash your imagination and explore endless possibilities with us.


Our dedicated team of experienced professionals collaborates to provide you with the best ingredients, backed by a profound understanding of personal care and cosmetic products. From emulsifiers to powders, proteins to complex actives, oils to enzymes, and more, we serve as your comprehensive one-stop shop for all your ingredient needs. Continuously expanding our clientele, we prioritize maintaining long-term relationships and offering a diversified product line to remain readily available and accessible to all our customers. By working closely with our manufacturers, we ensure that our ingredients are ethically and responsibly sourced, with utmost care for both nature and humanity.

For further information on specific ingredients or custom formulations, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@formulatorsampleshop.eu.


At FSS Europe we are guided by our core values:

Quality: Our unwavering commitment to quality is at the forefront of everything we do. We strive to be among the top producers while never compromising on the quality of our ingredients. Through sourcing the finest natural raw materials globally and implementing rigorous quality checks at every stage, we ensure that our products meet industry standards and exceed client expectations.

Innovation: With a dedicated team of Research and Development experts, we continuously push the boundaries to provide the best ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industries.

Ethics: We are deeply mindful of the environmental impact of our actions and are committed to sourcing raw materials sustainably. We uphold social responsibilities and aim to promote sustainability within our community, from manufacturing to packaging, with a focus on waste reduction. 


Our mission is to become the trusted and reliable partner of choice for our clients in the personal care and cosmetic ingredient supply chain. We strive to be the first thought when they seek high-quality ingredients, working tirelessly to exceed expectations and remain a step ahead of industry trends. Through a collaborative work environment and strong partnerships with suppliers, we foster creativity, excellence, and innovation. Ultimately, our goal is to create ingredients that positively impact daily lives while contributing to the protection of our planet.

Where tiny treasures meet big possibilities! Explore our world of cosmetic ingredients, from 50g to 5kg.