Confidently beautiful: Combating skin pigmentation concerns

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Today we are here to dig into skin's unique color - referred to as skin pigmentation. Skin pigmentation refers to how much melanin is produced by the body that can eventually affect the color of the skin. Did you know that it is a result of the marvelous melanin – a pigment that the body produces. Melanocytes, situated in the outermost layer of your skin known as the epidermis, are the artists behind this masterpiece. They craft two distinct types of melanin: eumelanin and pheomelanin, each with its own role in the skin's symphony of shades.

Scientific information

According to skin specialists, our skin is protected from harmful sunburns by eumelanin which has the ability to absorb hazardous rays from the sun. Hence, the higher the levels of eumelanin, darker is the skin tone. Additionally, eumelanin also has the ability to prevent skin cancer. Whereas, pheomelanin is a yellowish-red tint which does not absorb UV rays. Therefore, people with lighter skin tones experience higher levels of pheomelanin, and can be more prone to skin damage and sunburns.

Although we can't eliminate pigmentation entirely, we can mitigate its impact on our skin through the adoption of a healthy skincare regimen. Formulator Sample Shop is here to support you, introducing a selection of new and exclusive ingredients that have the potential to enhance your skin's radiance.

Let us go through them, shall we?


All in one - Retinol

Have you heard of liposomes? Well, they are the tiniest delivery capsules containing a watery core, surrounded by a phospholipid membrane. Now, you may ask the purpose of its existence for pigmentation. So, here it is – liposomes are known couriers which can transport active ingredients directly to the location where the skin needs them the most. In addition, they do it without diving deeply into the skin and hence get targeted results. Liposomes are like a secret weapon to fight against uneven pigmentation. As we are talking about dealing pigmentation concern, it is about giving retinol as a topical application that work together with liposomes and deal with the concern in the right way. Formulator Sample Shop has created Retinol Liposome OS - an oil-soluble liposome containing 10% retinol. Let us unveil the wonders of liposomes and how they can help you achieve a more even, radiant complexion by delivering the potent benefits of retinol right where you need them.

FSS Retinol Liposome OS

Retinol works its wonders by turbocharging the skin's cellular turnover. It is like hitting the refresh button, making your skin renew itself faster. This, in turn, thickens the top layer of skin by stimulating the growth of keratinocytes – the skin cells responsible for maintaining that youthful glow. But wait, there's more! Retinol also has a knack for boosting the expression of essential proteins and molecules like CRABP II, CRBP, mRNAs, and structural proteins. This dynamic combo reduces the appearance of pesky wrinkles, fortifies your skin, and slows down the breakdown of collagen, leaving you with firmer and more elastic skin. Also, if you've got those sun-induced brown spots (we've all been there), retinol can help fade them away, evening out the complexion and giving you a radiant and translucent glow on skin.

Exclusive benefits

o  FSS Retinol Liposome OS is an oil-soluble liposome containing 10% retinol. It is well known that retinol in all forms readily deteriorates when exposed to light and air, therefore this encapsulation helps to improve not only the delivery of the retinol, but its stability as well.

o  This liposome allows for easy incorporation of retinol into anhydrous or emulsion systems to help decrease the extrinsic signs of aging.

The cinnamon story

Cinnamomum cassia is like a gentle, nature-inspired skin brightener that you can trust. Traditional skin-lightening solutions, such as hydroquinone and corticosteroids, have had their time in the spotlight for reducing hyperpigmentation. In the quest for a safer, more natural, and plant-based solution, Formulator Sample Shop has brought Cinnamomum cassia bark into life. It is like the hero in the world of skincare, offering a gentle and effective way to lighten the skin without the worrisome downsides. The secret to its magic lies in its ability to inhibit tyrosinase activity, which is the key to its natural skin-brightening properties.


FSS Cinnamon Liposome

Cinnamomum cassia bark boasts some remarkable natural compounds that have a unique way of putting a brake on melanogenesis, the process responsible for pigmentation. These special components, known as linderanolide and subamolide, are like the dynamic duo of anti-pigmentation. Linderanolide and subamolide feature a carbonyl group that interacts with copper, found at the active sites of tyrosinase – the pigment-producing enzyme. It is like they're shaking hands with copper ions, effectively disarming tyrosinase and preventing it from doing its pigment-making job. So, not only does it help combat unwanted pigmentation, but it also shields your skin from the oxidative stress that can exacerbate pigmentation issues.

Exclusive benefits

o  FSS Cinnamon Liposome is an innovative ingredient that effectively delivers antioxidants to the skin while sequestering copper to down-regulate tyrosinase activity.

o  Incorporating FSS Cinnamon Liposome into a finished formula has a significant impact on melanin levels.

o  Incorporate FSS Cinnamon Liposome into finished formulas to lighten and even skin tone while delivering potent antioxidant properties for increased functionality.


A Lemon feel extract!


Citrus limonum, the scientific name for lemons, holds a special place as one of the world's most vital food crops. And let's not forget the lemon rind, which yields precious lemon oil. Even the leftover skin and pulp find purpose as livestock feed. But what all this got to do with skin pigmentation, you ask? Well, as we explore the world of skincare, we'll uncover some intriguing connections between lemons and achieving a more even and radiant complexion through FSS Lemon Peel Extract G.

FSS Lemon Peel Extract G

In the world of cosmetics, lemons have long been valued as a source of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), specifically citric acid. Lemon juice typically contains a punch with citric acid content ranging from 5 to 8 percent. Thanks to its abundant Vitamin C content, fresh lemon juice has even found its way into herbal remedies as a potential treatment for sunburn. While it might not be the most pleasant sensation on sun-kissed skin, it is definitely not without its merits. With its relatively high acidity and antioxidant properties, it is no wonder that lemon juice has earned its reputation as a natural skin brightener. Hence, lemons are a valuable ally for skin pigmentation concerns, offering a time-tested solution for achieving that radiant and even complexion.

Exclusive benefits

o  The fruit of the lemon has long been used for its, strong antioxidant benefits while more recently the peel has been found to possess strong anti-tyrosinase activity.

o  Using FSS Lemon Peel Extract G in cosmetic and personal care applications is an excellent way to capitalize on the desire for using botanical ingredients while also helping to balance skin tone.

So, say goodbye to the old-school skin lighteners with their synthetic baggage and embrace the goodness of natural extracts for a more radiant and even complexion. Believe us, they can be your skin's new best friend on the path to pigmentation perfection!

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