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Either due to excess exposure to inappropriate environment, the place where we live, the weather we are exposed to or even by genetics, we often encounter oily skin concerns. Oily skin on the body and scalp is to excess sebum production from the sebaceous gland, which eventually leads to skin redness, irritation, breakouts and sometimes even rashes. Of course, a Matte-like skin finish is not something to aspire for, but an oily texture on our skin doesn’t leave a flawless first impression, does it? But what can be done to tackle this concern? Well, first we have got to learn some science behind it, then see what Formulator Sample Shop has to offer, as an oily skincare routine.

Let’s go, shall we?

Scientific information

Sebum mainly comes from the sebaceous glands, which are highly abundant on the face, chest, and shoulders. After sebum is produced, it then migrates to lipid-filled cells and is eventually secreted onto the surface of the stratum corneum through the pores. Excess sebum is often treated with the use of talc; however, talc leaves a heavy build-up on the skin which further results in clogged pores. Additionally, we also tend to moisturize, wash or condition the scalp skin to overcome redness, and itchy skin which can make the condition even worse.

So, what next? It is time that we know which ingredients can back us up in this journey of controlling oily skin.

FSS Sebum Control Enzyme PF

Our first recommendation will start with an ingredient that can reduce the activity of sebaceous glands by inhibiting 5α-reductase. 5α-reductase is an enzyme that can limit the amount of sebum secretion due to an astringent effect by its tannins, which can further prevent acne caused by bacterial proliferation. The enzyme 5α-reductase is accountable to produce the androgen hormone dihydrotestosterone that generates the sebaceous glands’ activation. By inhibiting 5α-reductase, we can considerably reduce the amount of sebum produced. Furthermore, an astringent effect is produced by tannins because tannins can constrict tissues and contract the pore openings in the skin. Hence, resulting in the betterment of overall appearance of the skin.

Exclusive benefits

o  FSS Sebum Control Enzyme PF regulates the sebum on the skin and scalp to maintain a healthy balance, thus preventing overly oily or dry skin.

o  This product is a perfect addition to skincare products with a focus on oily or dry skin, while also being a useful ingredient in haircare products, such as dry shampoos, to minimize the appearance of oily hair.

o  FSS Sebum Control Enzyme PF regulates sebum production and secretion so that we are not just covering up the problem but providing a solution.

It is therefore time to take control over the excess sebum production before it takes control over our skin!

A large tree hailing from North America, Asia, and Central Europe is known for its pain-relieving properties. Do you think Formulator Sample Shop misses an opportunity of crafting something naturally? No… we have derived a unique ingredient from that tree bark that can offer us immense properties beneficial to both the skin and hair! There are around 300 species of willow bark trees out of which very few possess medicinal properties. Earlier, White Willow was used to alleviate pain in Europe and Americas, in addition to treating malaria in England. Later, the Cherokee, Blackfoot, and Iroquois Indians created a tea from the bark of the White Willow to relieve headaches, fever, and general aches and pains.

FSS White Willow Bark Extract Powder

Apart from being an excellent pain reliever, willow bark extract is known for its herbal properties, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. As it contains one of the most precious properties for skin and hair, it is further harnessed by personal care industries as a natural source of salicylic acid. Yes, willow bark is that perfect source of salicylic acid that has the power of exfoliation and anti-microbial properties. In addition, these natural salicylates found in the white willow are used to act as a shield for the harmful UV rays and decrease irritation. Besides being an extraordinary source, white willow is also used to increase the rate of cell renewal, by ensuring exfoliation of dull and dry skin.

Exclusive benefits

o  FSS White Willow Bark Extract Powder is standardized for 53-65% natural salicylates and provides formulators with the perfect alternative to synthetic salicylic acid products.

o  This product is ideal for reducing inflammation and associated redness, plus, it acts as an efficacious antimicrobial.

o  This water-soluble powder promotes seamless incorporation into various formulas promoting all the benefits associated with salicylic acid without the typical irritation!

o  FSS White Willow Bark Extract Powder boosts the power of a formula with standardized activity to create a clear, smooth, and youthful looking aesthetic.

Then why wait? when we have the presence of the magic ingredient ‘salicylic acid’ in its most organic form!

Throughout this blog article, we've explored various ingredients that can work wonders for oily skin, helping to balance and control excess oil without compromising on hydration and nourishment. It's crucial to invest in skincare products that suit our specific skin type, as this will ensure the best results and contribute to a healthier complexion. 

As we conclude this discussion on oily skin, stay tuned for future articles where we will explore various other skincare concerns and help you find the best solutions for achieving your desired skin goals.

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