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We are here to address yet another skincare concern – Foot care. Let us be honest, our feet deserve some tender love and affection, right? Although there are expensive pedicures, fancy spas, and foot treatments, there is still scope for a few basic ingredients that can make a difference in the ‘step’ we take! This article is about where comfort, well-being, and pampering start within foot care. Whether you are a hiker, an urban explorer, or just someone who loves treating their feet right, we have got you all covered with some special products. From being a person on the go, or the one who enjoys lounging, taking care of your feet does relax your body.

So, are you ready to put your best foot forward? Let us explore the secrets to healthy feet together!


Oatstanding Benefits: The Power of Oats in Foot care!

Let us begin with oats, dating back to the era of 2000 BC. Oats are known for wearing various hats – from culinary delights to bathing essentials, from hair care to skincare products, they are marked as multifunctional grains. Oats are popularly known for curing skin woes like eczema, burns, and some skin inflammations. From then, until the 19th Century, oats were incorporated into various bathing products. It was found that incorporating oats in any bathing solution can result in soft and clear skin. However, in 1945, colloidal oatmeal was discovered, which is a mixture of finely ground oats releasing colloidal substances.

Since then, there has been no looking back! Colloidal oats have started creating wonders in the personal and skincare industry. Industries shifted their attention towards learning more about this wonder, and users shared their experiences of using oatmeal on their skin and how softer it felt.

Therefore, let's continue our exploration and discover the enchanting ways in which this remarkable ingredient can perform its wonders in the realm of foot care!

Colloidal oats prove to be a budget-friendly choice for bringing about wonderful advantages for your skin. These advantages encompass various aspects such as cleansing and hydrating your skin, along with providing a soothing shield against the harmful impacts of the environment. This aligns perfectly with the high standards of the present-day market for natural foot care solutions.


FSS Colloidal Oat PF

Formulator Sample Shop has developed a unique solution from the colloidal oatmeal called, FSS Colloidal Oat PF. We harness this treasure trove of benefits that can cleanse, moisturize, and soothe the skin. In addition, it also provides UV protection, isn’t this a ‘multipurpose’ ingredient, we are looking for? The beneficial cosmetic properties of colloidal oats derive from their chemical polymorphism. The high concentrations of starches and beta-glucan are responsible for the protective and water-holding function of the oats. The presence of different types of phenols confers antioxidant and soothing activity.

Some of the oat phenols are also strong ultraviolet absorbers. The flavonoids found in oats appear to be the phenol structure responsible for absorbing the UV rays, serving as the protectant property for the skin’s defense against photo-aging.

This results in improving the layers of skin both on the body and feet. Hence, you would not want to miss FSS colloidal oatmeal PF, which helps reinvent foot care.


Exclusive benefits

o   FSS Colloidal Oat PF serves as a cost-effective option in protecting the skin from exposure to environmental elements while promoting the luxury of silky, smooth skin. This product boasts the qualities of being water-soluble and is recommended at 1% - 10% in gels, lotions, shampoos, powders, and creams.

o   FSS Colloidal Oat PF is a perfect, economically conscious choice when a customer desires a product that serves as a versatile base for cleansers, lotions, and skin relief products where high activity is required to nourish and protect the skin.

o   In addition to being a cost-effective solution for providing excellent protecting, moisturizing, cleansing, and soothing properties, FSS Colloidal Oat PF is allergen-free and highly recommended for sensitive skin.

Step Up Your Foot Care Routine with the Power of Chia Seeds

Salvia hispanica seeds – commonly known as ‘chia’ is a gift from nature that holds the key to safeguarding your precious feet. These seeds are like tiny superheroes, filled with antioxidants that stand guard against the harmful effects of free radicals, ensuring your feet' skin stays radiant and healthy. Here is what Formulator Sample Shop has created from Salvia hispanica seeds, which can help in your foot care journey!

Phytofuse Rejuvenate®

Salvia hispanica seeds have a protective mucilage when mixed with water, releasing a unique mucilaginous polysaccharide. This is the ingredient that is set to revolutionize the cosmetic world and personal care industry. Formulator Sample Shop has taken sustainable steps to capture this wonderful ingredient -   Phytofuse Rejuvenate®. As the name suggests, this ingredient can help the skin feel the essence of rejuvenation by protecting the skin layers, especially the skin on the feet. This formula is not just a source of pampering your feet but also healing. It has the power to speed up the wound healing process and reduce inflammation, which your feet will appreciate after a long, tiring day. 

Phytofuse Rejuvenate® can function within the deepest of skin layers and provides a protective layer upon the upper surface like a shield. This layer is the reason for easing irritation and inflammation. Above all, this magic ingredient brings a soothing sensation to your feet and gives an instant spa-like feeling, a spa not only to your feet but to your soles as well!

Exclusive benefits

o   Phytofuse Rejuvenate® is a natural alternative to the current carbohydrate chemistry seen in the medical industry for the creation of synthetic scaffolding that promotes wound healing.

o   The isolated polysaccharides extracted from the Salvia hispanica seed have demonstrated their ability to aid in cell proliferation and thus impart wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties to the feet skin.

o   Phytofuse Rejuvenate® soothes the skin and provides antioxidant and moisturization benefits.

o   Phytofuse Rejuvenate® is ideal for skin and hair care formulations, helping to increase moisture levels and provide protection from environmental stressors.

Sustainable Plant Extracts through Cell Cultures

Over the past decade, there has been an explosive surge in the demand for cutting-edge stem cell technologies. This trend has taken a captivating spotlight, especially within the realm of cosmetics. As of now, prevalent stem cell technologies utilize Meristematic cells – those plant stem cells that haven't embarked on differentiation yet. Formulator Sample Shop has embarked on an innovative path, harnessing the power of biotic stress. This sustainable approach involves a delicate dance between plant stem cells and Leuconostoc, fostering the birth of secondary metabolites.

PhytoBiotics Perilla® ingredient taps into the incredible potency of a phenolic metabolite named Rosmarinic Acid. This special ingredient, sourced from Perillia frutescens or Chinese Basil, marks a major milestone in the cosmetic market. It's not just a stem cell product; it's a botanical gem designed to lavish your feet with an array of advantages. Imagine the protective shield of antioxidants, the resilience against microbial intruders, and the timeless grace of anti-aging properties – all working hand in hand. It is like a wake-up call for your foot cells, enhancing their metabolism while securing them against radicals.

Phyto-Biotics Perilla®

Rosmarinic Acid, a remarkable component, flaunting both antimicrobial and antioxidant prowess. However, here's where the intrigue deepens. This phenolic marvel doesn't settle for a single identity; its content dances to the tune of genetic diversity, influenced by the captivating embrace of natural cross-pollination. Rosmarinic Acid is born from the union of caffeic acid and 3,4-dihydroxyphenyllactic acid, forming an ester that's armed with four phenolic hydrogen soldiers. These troops stand strong against the onslaught of free radicals, waging a battle of control and balance.

And that's not all – a touch of polarity graces its essence, thanks to the twin catechol rings (1,2-dihydroxybenzene) it proudly wears. These rings are like magnets, pulling the phenolic compound into intermolecular bonds, a symphony of hydrogen that enhances radical stability. As we discover the story of Rosmarinic Acid, the tale of foot care gains a new dimension. We eventually realize that it is not just about pampering but about understanding the botanical wonders that can truly elevate your foot care game.

Exclusive benefits

o   In order to sustainably source the necessary phenolic metabolite, Rosmarinic Acid, Formulator Sample Shop grows Perilla frutescens in cell culture. Using biotic stress, specifically pathogenic stress via Leuconostoc sp., our formulators created Phyto-Biotics Perilla.

o   Rosmarinic Acid is used to create a plant stem cell product ideal for anti-aging, antimicrobial, and soothing cosmetic applications.

So, get ready to embark on a journey where innovation meets nature's prowess. The aforementioned are not just ingredients, but a testament to the endless possibilities when science and nature dance together, especially for your precious feet. Now, as you go add them to your cart, we come up with yet another skincare/haircare concern, Happy shopping!